Interested in inviting Dr. Delores M. Walters, to speak to your community, church, historical/cultural organization, museum or library? Her varied and dynamic career as a cultural anthropologist and previously as a registered nurse led to culturally and historically engaging community-projects, service learning and public history courses. Currently, she inspires groups -- of youth to elders -- to learn about their historical/cultural heritage.

Delores M. Walters, Ph.D.

MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER & FACILITATOR - Dr. Walters facilitates discussion of the story of Margaret Garner whose resistance to enslavement inspired Toni Morrison’s novel, Beloved. Garner’s life offers insights into transforming our own lives and into healing from the racial, cultural and other identity divisions in today’s society. 

Mary Frederickson & DMW, 2014

AUTHOR/EDITOR - Delores M. Walters co-edited Gendered Resistance: Women, Slavery & the Legacy of Margaret
 with Dr. Mary E. Frederickson. 
An AWARD-WINNING BOOK, Gendered Resistance received the 2019 International Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society (AAHGS) Award for
best short-story non-fiction.

FAMILY HISTORIAN - Dr. Walters helps you get started tracing and researching your family’s ancestral roots in her introduction to African American Genealogy workshops. 

Dr. Walters - Family Historian

CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGIST - Dr. Walters conducted field research as a Fulbright & Social Science Research Council (SSRC) Scholar during the 1980s and again as a postdoctoral Fulbright fellow in the 1990s. Funded by private, US and other government grants, she completed her video documentary on female primary health care workers (Murshidat) in 1999. 

Delores Walters_girl in Wadi Dhabab, 1994
Students in the Youth into Health Careers at URI

EDUCATOR/DIVERSITY PROGRAM SPECIALIST - Dr. Walters directed the Southern Rhode Island Area Health Education Center (sriAHEC) at the University of Rhode Island of which the Pathways to Nursing program was a part.


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My mother, Constance Maxine (Walters) Quinn who died in 2016, was a beacon for loving kindness in the world of so many whose lives she touched. This website is dedicated to her memory and also to two of my brothers: Bruce Elliot Walters who died in 1969 serving his country in Vietnam and to Hubert Nathaniel (“Nat”) Walters who died in 2011 after serving as a police officer on Long Island, NY for over 20 years — and to all who ascribe to peace-loving leadership.

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