Central Panel of Mural, painted by students
under the direction of artist Eli Thomas,
ALANA Cultural Center, Colgate University

Dr. Delores M. Walters is an educator and advocate who has advanced diversity, inclusion, equity and cultural competency in both academic and global communities. Her expertise in community outreach, service learning, education, administration and public history complement and draw on her training as a cultural anthropologist (Ph.D., New York University, 1987). She also holds A Masters degree in Liberal Studies (also from NYU) and Undergraduate degrees in Biology (CCNY) and Nursing (Columbia University).

Walters is an Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion in the College of Human Science & Services and is directing recruitment and retention of faculty of color in the Office of Community, Equity & Diversity at the University of Rhode Island; she also directed the Southern Rhode Island Area Health Education Center (sriAHEC) in the College of Nursing at URI.

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My commitment to diversity began with my family, particularly my grandmother, who introduced me to multicultural people, places and ideas. My upbringing in a housing project in the Bronx, led to an amazing career journey: nursing for ten years in civilian and air force hospitals and in public health; dissertation research among African-identified peoples and a video on female primary health care workers in Yemen; directing a program to improve access to health care among marginalized communities in the United States; facilitating Community Dialogues to enhance the opera, Margaret Garner, and other lessons from the Underground Railroad; and spearheading an arts and education project using oral histories to convey the legacies of Africans in the Diaspora and other people of color.

This website is dedicated to two of my brothers: Bruce Elliot Walters who died in 1969 serving his country in Vietnam and to Hubert Nathaniel ("Nat") Walters who died in 2011 after serving as a police officer on Long Island, NY for over 20 years -- and to all who ascribe to peace-loving leadership.